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That team tackles a hand for the function this is similar to how big physical things are built like skyscrapers you’ll have electricians running wires plumbers fitting pipes world of welding painters painting and hundreds of other people.

Teaming all over the Software Testing whole they work together on different parts simultaneously leveraging their different skills until one day you’ve got a whole working building but returning to our cruise.

Reasons Why Software Testing Is Using This Technique For Exposure

control example its code is going to have to make use of functions in other parts of the engine software to you know keep the car at constant speed.

Thank code is in part for cruise control teams responsibility it’s another team’s code because the cruise control team Software Testing didn’t like that they’re going to need good documentation about what each function in the code does and a well-defined application programming interface.

Exciting Parts Of Attending Software

Or API for sure you can think of an API as the way that collaborating programmers interact across various parts of the code for Software Testing example in the ignition control objects there might be functions to set the RPM of the engine check the spark plug voltage as well as fire the individual.

spark plugs being able to set the motors RPM is really useful the cruise control team is going to need to call that function but they don’t know much about how the ignition system works it’s not a good idea.

To let them call functions that fire the individual spark plugs on the engine might explode maybe the API allows the right people access to the right functions and data object-oriented programming languages do this by letting you specify whether functions.