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Note to Our Readers 1: We could really use your help in this section. Let us know about swell apocalyptic and millennial books you have read and enjoyed, whether they’re written by believers, scholars, or skeptics. We will publish excerpts from your tangy reviews!

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Christian Doomsday

When Time Shall Be No More by Paul Boyer. Swell, scholarly explication of Christian prophecy. Boyer does a fine job of laying out the history and whuffos of the complex interpretations of the Bible that motivate millions of prophecy believers.

The Pursuit of the Millennium by Norman Cohn. Oft-cited as “the” classic work about medieval millennialism. This is elegant and intelligent read - for thrill seekers, the best are the sections in which crazy Middle Ages millennialists go on rampages. Aside from that, it’s mostly a scholarly “head” trip.

Apocalypse by Charles Strozier. Cool study, combining scholarship and reporting, by a New York City professor who found clusters of millennial activity all over the Big Apple.

The Last Days Are Here Again by Richard Kyle. Nice, general survey of prophecy details.

The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey. Pretty stupid, and pretty hard to actually read, but somebody must like it: this book has sold millions and millions of copies. This is probably the most famous outcry ever written by a “premillennial” believer.

Ready To Rebuild by Thomas Ice and Randall Price. ¤! Fascinating look at “Third Temple” enthusiasms by two deeply believing Christians. Published by Harvest House in Eugene, Oregon.

The Apocryphal New Testament translated by Montague Rhodes James. ¤! Try finding this in your local library rather than buying it. Main point of interest: bizarre apocalypses that, unlike Revelation, didn’t make the “final cut” for inclusion in the Bible. These lost works are very strange!


UFO Deliverance

The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial by Jerome Clark. Clark is a great American! This is an indispensable, all-in-one synopsis of everything you could want to know about flying saucers.

Flying Saucers: a Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies by C.G. Jung. This is a book everybody references but few bother to read. Check it out for yourself: the original “Jungian” was deeply fascinated by flying saucers, though it’s not entirely clear what he concluded. You make the call!

Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs. Not really a “good” book, but an illustrative one. Marrs is a longtime conspiracy theorist who believes that aliens are here, and that the Government doesn’t want us to know about it. A squint-eyed effort . . .


Avenging Planet

Blindsided by Dick and Leigh-Richmond Donahue. ¤! This is a super-bad (ly written) novel about a couple who survive the Earth Changes. Tough to find -- the Moderator located his copy at a 1995 Earth Changes confab. Anybody out there seen this around?

Black Dawn, Bright Day by Sun Bear. Explains Indian prophecies that supposedly “foresaw” the coming Earth Changes. Sun Bear, sadly, is no longer with us, but his fears live on.

Survival Guide for the New Millennium by Byron Kirkwood. How-to book on surviving the Earth Changes by a nice guy who really, really believes the Earth wants to hurt us.


Angry Right Wingers & Separatists

The Ashes of Waco: An Investigation by Dick J. Reavis. Angry take on the government’s conduct at Waco by a non-kook journalist.

Religion and the Racist Right by Michael Barkun. Scholarly, very readable look at the exceptionally weird “Christian Identity” movement.

Soldiers of God by Howard L. Bushart, John R. Craig, and Myra Barnes. Well-researched and even-handed look at the Christian Identity movement -- up close and personal!

Harvest of Rage by Joel Dyer. Nicely done journalistic survey of the sources of right-wing rage.


Free Energy

The Fringes of Reason: A Whole Earth Catalogue by Various. Oldish-but-still-keen compendium of many fringe matters, including perpetual-motion machines.

Miracle in the Void by Brian O’Leary. Badly written but fun survey of cutting-edge free energy research by a zany former astronaut.


Utopian & New Age Believers

Madam Blavatsky’s Baboon: A History of the Mystics, Mediums, and Misfits Who Brought Spiritualism to America by Peter Washington. Excellent history of many of the 19th-century sources of modern New Age thought.

The Mask of Nostradamus by James Randi. As you may gather if you peruse this site, the Moderator is not a big fan of Nostradamus’ goofball prophecies. This book, written by the white-ruff-chinned magician and skeptic, does a good job of boxing his ears.

How to Start Your Own Country by Erwin S. Strauss. A dated but fun guide to various (failed) attempts to start libertarian paradisos.

The Millennial Project by Marshall Savage. A self-starting visionary’s ambitious blueprint for colonizing the oceans, the moon, the solar system, and the universe! Quite interesting.


Immortality & Soul Travel

If We Can Keep a Severed Head Alive by “Chet Fleming.” ¤! One of the stranger books ever written, this describes the author’s fears that science will someday be able to keep detached human heads alive on consoles. Usually available from the Loompanics catalogue.

Why Die? A Beginner’s Guide to Progressive Evolution by Herb Bowie. Super-hopeful book about the ultimate fruits of life extension: immortality!

How and Why We Age by Leonard Hayflick. A relative downer: Hayflick is a scientist who says human immortality ain’t gonna happen -- and if it does, it shouldn’t. Good place to learn about the real scientific theories about aging.

The Projection of the Astral Body by Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington. ‡! Out-of-body soul guide from an early pioneer in the craft. doesn’t seem to have this exact title, but has reprints that may cover the same ground.

Journeys out of the Body by Robert Monroe. A very influential soul-travel book by the late founder of the Monroe Institute.



Beat the Beast!, by Ted Hall. ¤! A, um, energetic how-to-survive book about Y2K. Try the Survival Center: