The Apocalypse Pretty Soon philosophy on “links” is a little different from that of other Web sites. Some might call it idealistic, some might say radical . . . At any rate, here’s our Declaration of Principles:

First, we try to make sure that the links don’t suck before recommending them to you. Thus, this section is not just an anything-goes data dump. Because “suck” is a subjective term, you may occasionally disagree with the Moderator’s choices. You’re probably wrong (hee hee). But if you’ve got a complaint, let’s hear about it at Sound Off.

Second, in the interest of protecting you from a neurological meltdown caused by all the flashing lights, pink lettering, graphical “flames,” and other stylistic doodads favored by millennial-minded Webbies, we test our links on animals, small children, and photosensitive nematodes before running the risk of “adult exposure.”

You can thank us for these extra efforts by helping us keep up to date! Tell us about nifty millennial and utopian Web pages! And tell them about us!


Christian Doomsday

Atlantis Station: Bills itself as “the premier prophecy study site.” That’s a big claim, but we do like the way the web master mixes Star Trek imagery with Christian prophecy. Be sure to check out the “Rapture” art!

World of the Bible Ministries: Home of Randall Price, a favorite of the Moderator’s, and the self-styled “Indiana Jones” of Bible prophecy research.

The Prophecy Club: A Christian doomsday group with a fine newsletter and radio show, the Prophecy Club is big on Y2K and oddball projects that involve messing around in Israel. A winner!

Power of Prophecy: The “stomping grounds” of evangelist Texe Marrs, simply one of the best there every was . . .

Jack Van Impe Ministries International: ( The so-called “walking Bible,” Van Impe is famous for his ability to quote Scripture and see signs of the End in, well, everything. The ministry has produced two feature-length films on the Final Days, including the exciting new entry, Apocalypse II: Revelation, starring Jeff Fahey and supermodel Carol Alt!

Jesus 2000: ( This prophecy-oriented group is running roughly one “Holy Land” tour per week during 1999, with different “flavors” for Protestants and Catholics.


UFO Deliverance

Zeta Talk: Interesting site maintained by “Nancy,” the official Earthian emissary for the Zeta Reticulans. They see tough times a’brewin’ for the planet . . .

The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence: ( The stomping grounds of Dr. Steven Greer! If you don’t know that name yet, that can only mean ... you haven’t yet purchased Apocalypse Pretty Soon. Get it done!

The Communion Homepage: ( Not too exciting graphically -- there’s a nice picture of Whitley Strieber looking like a latter-day Jim Bakker, though! We also like the fact that Strieber, author of Communion, is all over the re-emerging controversy about the MJ-12 documents, which supposedly prove ancient government-sponsored UFO coverups.

Unarius Academy of Science: ( Spiffy site maintained by the mother of all UFO-contactee groups. Contains a full national listing of Unarius’s cable-access video productions.


Avenging Planet

Burnt World: ( Home of an angry “apocalyptic rock” group that decries what we’re doing to the globe. The Moderator can’t quite tell from a distance whether this one’s a “gag,” but with lyrics like this posted on the page -- “A jungle is burning, to ease a city’s swell, soon they’ll all be learning, what it’s like to farm in hell” -- does it really matter?

Annie and Byron Kirkwood: ( Another graphical mess, but check out the regularly updated newsletters by Annie, a prophetess with a direct mental feed to the Virgin Mary, who tells her about all the bad things that will someday happen to planet Earth.

Matrix Institute: ( The official site of Gordon-Michael Scallion, one of the “deans” of Earth Changes prophecy. Be sure to check out his “Future Map.”


Angry Right Wingers & Separatists

Rev. Pete Peters: Home page of an angry “Christian Identity” believer. Visit it, and wee how the sputtering half thinks!

Civil War 2: ( Not the easiest site in the world to navigate, but worth it for the ongoing opinings of Thomas Chittum, author of Civil War 2, a nonfiction book outlining America’s pending collapse in a race war. Going against the grain, Chittum says the chance of Y2K igniting Civil War 2 is “zero.”

Scriptures for America Worldwide: ( Home of Rev. Pete Peters, a “Christian Identity” pastor who advances the obviously problematical view that the “real” Israelites are white Anglo-Saxons like himself. Read all about it here!


Free Energy

KeelyNet: ( The title page says it all: “Still looking for a free energy or gravity control machine that WORKS -- Never give up.” This is your one-stop source for all the major developments in “frontier science,” maintained by a wonderful guy named Jerry Decker.

Jim’s Free Energy Page: ( Maintained by ... yes ... “Jim,” this site is a fun and high-spirited roundup of “alternate” energy sources. Check out his entry on Wilhelm Reich’s “cloudbuster,” where Jim frankly admits: “I have a real hard time with this one.”


Utopian & New Age Believers

The Free Nation Foundation: North Carolina group trying to bring intellectual rigor to the task of throwing off those rusty nation-state chains!

First Millennial Foundation: ( News and views about plans to colonize the galaxy, as outlined in Marshall Savage’s swell book, The Millennial Project.

New Utopia: ( Read all about Prince Lazarus Long’s attempt to build a new island nation in the Caribbean!


Immortality & Soul Travel

The Monroe Institute: ( The place to go to learn the “you will never die” secrets of astral travel!

PowerSurge Publishing: ( The official home page of Herb Bowie, the ever-optimistic author of Why Die?: A Beginner’s Guide to Living Forever. Here, you can also join “The Immortality Book Club.” (Just try to resist the temptation to order “one immortality book a month” forever!)


Christ Figures

Arthur Blessitt Home Page: ( Many years ago, God told Arthur Blessitt to carry the cross of Jesus to every nation on Earth before the year 2000. And he did!

Share International: ( Nice people who believe that a Christly being called the Maitreya will make himself known “soon.”



Gary North’s Y2K Links and Forums: North, who was into survivalism long before Y2K, is now one of the “deans” of Y2K panic and readiness. The site features Gary’s now-famous opening line: “We’ve got a problem.”

Y2KChaos: The Y2K Survival Site: ( Self explanatory!

The Cassandra Project: ( Paloma O’Riley’s “community based” effort to prepare the world for Y2K.


Difficult to ... um ... Categorize

Embassy of Heaven: ( Worth a visit just for the graphics: check out the eerie three-dimensional dove, the spinning cross, and the click-on-me pulpit that serves up a 46-minute speech called “Wasted for Christ.” The Embassy folks came out on the short end of a conflict with county officials about taxes .

The Survival Center: ( “America’s oldest continually operating survival center.” Whatever it is -- Earth Changes, Y2K, political turmoil, asteroid aftermath -- they’ll help you dig in for it.


Other Swell Voyeurs of the Millennial Scene

Mark Pitcavage, “the Militia Watchdog”:
( Mark is a cool guy who keeps his eyes on the far, far right. DixieNet, a southern “traditionalism” group, calls him a “busybody Yankee academic” . . . and worse.

Paranet: ( Brought to you by Michael Corbin, a Denver, Colo., real-estate man who saw a U.F.O. in 1987 and has investigated the topic ever since. Mike does a swell radio show and has a more-skeptical-than-most attitude about the phenomenon that eternally beguiles him.