The Moderator … in the News!

Current & Upcoming Scribblin’s, Appearances & Interviews

•The Moderator talks about the “making of” Apocalypse Pretty Soon in CitySearch New York. Catch their review and his cogent thoughts at:

•And he writes about Jerry Falwell’s take on the Antichrist in Slate. You’ll find it in their compost section at:

Feb. 12: the author spills all in a tell-me interview with, the world’s first on-line bookstore!

Feb. 13: the Moderator tawks with the incredible Joan Rivers! This taped jabbathon will be edited for later broadcast. Watch this space for details!

Feb. 22, 8:30 A.M.: the Mod will be heard live on WNYC, a savvy NPR affiliate in the Big Town, at 93.9 F.M.

Feb. 23, 7:00 P.M.: the Skinny One will read from and sign Apocalypse Pretty Soon at Booksmith in San Francisco, 1644 Haight Street. Be there!

Feb. 27: two-hour live interview with Laura Lee, host of one of America’s greatest radio talk shows on the paranormal. This one will feature a live, interactive hook-up on the Web. Watch for details!


Free Reads

•“She’s Mad As Hell,” the Moderator’s fatanbulous February 1999 piece for Outside Magazine about the Earth Changes, is now available – free! – on Outside’s excellent Web site. Cheggitout at:

•While you’re in there, see “Strange Bedfellows,” the Mod’s June 1998 super-effort on apocalyptic weirdness in North Carolina:

•And “Alien Brothers, Come on Down!” a dissection of Dr. Steven Greer, the fabulous “E.T. M.D.”


Sorry but You Missed

•“Art Bell Coast to Coast.” The Moderator’s epochal four-hour appearance on the Art Bell show happened in January. Curiously … and eerily … almost all references to it have been erased from Bell’s site, so you can’t relive the magic there. We suspect that frequent Bell guest Dr. Steve Greer had a hand in this. Some dare call it conspiracy!

•“21st Century Radio: Hieronimus & Company.” An hour-and-a-half lovefest with Baltimore talk-radio host Bob Hieronimus, a major player in the pages of Apocalypse Pretty Soon!

•“WBAI: New York.” This one was special: on a dribbly Sunday morning, the Mod explained the Antichrist and Jerry Falwell to the no-doubt-befuddled listeners of this towering Pacifica station.

•“WCCO in Minneapolis.” On this syndicated late-nighter, the Moderator agreed with the host that millennial groups that kill people are bad!

•And many, many more!